Our new Hai Poké Wonton chips have a touch of salt and a lotta good. Their crunchy texture will make you go back for more. Whether you eat these Chips all by themselves or with your favorite  crab dip, we promise, they’re delicious.

The Spicy pickle chips are the perfect blend of dill, vinegar, and spice. They begin life as Sea Salt chips, then we add the magic. Pair them with your favorite deli sandwich or eat them with BBQ ribs. You can't go wrong with these chips.

​Our Roasted Garlic Parmesan chips, start with our irresistible Sea Salt chips. We add the perfect amount of Garlic and Parmesan seasoning. Simply put these chips are our #1 best seller for a reason. Don’t wait get a bag today and found out.

Our Sea Salt chips start as Idaho russet potatoes giving us a unique potato flavor. Fried and seasoned in small batches these chips are irresistible. Pair with our lunch sandwich or put out for a party, you will not be disappointed.

Sweet Potato chips are what started it all. Sweet, savory, salty, and perfectly crisp. We might be biased, but these are the best sweet potato chips. Small-batch fried and tossed with sea salt, enjoy them with Mini Burgers or during a game.

Our Tortilla chips started as a project for one of our industry friend's Dos Hermanos. We get our fresh Tortilla made and cut right down the road from us at Koki's Tortilla. We cook these exceptional crisp and delicious chips in canola oil.

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